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I will also be updating on live action that I see fit, such as 'just reported' news that will surge the stock, volume spikes, and oversold plays, just to name a few. Sometimes, these things happen too fast and it isn't worth alerting you guys, but keep your eyes peeled for the alerts because huge day movers will often see a pull back and present a great entry point!


Along with the watchlist, I will also explain why I chose each stock in depth and attach the news or catalyst that I am expecting to affect that stock. I want you to learn why a stock is going to move, and why I have it on the watchlist.


I will send out my personal watchlist that usually contains 2-5 stocks that have the highest potential for the biggest move the next day. On average, my watchlists see 50%+ gains the following day.



Innovative Trading. LEARN, GROW, SUCCEED.

Hey! I am a self-made investor and stock trader. I love it. One day, my parents gifted me 1k to kick start my bank account. Thinking I would probably blow it or spend it on things I didn't need, they thought it would be a good lesson and training exercise while I was still (somewhat) young. Instead, I took to the stock market. The more I learned about stocks, the more passionate I became. I couldn't get enough. I spent countless hours, & many sleepless night studying graphs, statistics, learning patterns etc. and now you have the chance to get inside my head and follow my trades and stock picks. *FREE FOR THE FIRST WEEK*


If you have any questions before you get started, do not hesitate to send me a quick email. I will be happy to help.

Want Unlimited Day Trades?

Not everyone has 25k lying around to throw in the stock market to get over the PDT rule and have unlimted day trades. So, here is one great way to get around that without a big stack of cash. Contact your broker and tell them you want a cash account instead of a margin account! With a cash account, you can make however many trades you want without the PDT rule interfering. The only catch is that you can only trade with "settled funds" which usually take 2 days to settle after closing a trade. Go with a cash account and then split your portfolio up into "sections" so that each trade you will only be entering with one section of your portfolio. The next day, trade with the other section of your portfolio, and after that your funds will be settled from your trade using the first "section" of your portfolio. This is one awesome trick to get multiple day trades within a 5 day period without being restricted by the PDT rule.


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